Are you tired of your children never listening to you?
Do you wish your kids would help more around the house?
Are you sick of the arguing, the whining, and the begging?
Do you collapse into bed at the end of the day, completely exhausted and wondering what you're doing wrong?
Do you wonder..."Why won't my kids cooperate?"
What if you knew the secrets to instantly understand your child's behavior?  What if you had tricks up your sleeve to immediately:
  • Take control of the situation
  • Trust your decisions
  • Execute effectively
  • Confidently hold your ground
  • Like your kids again!
Well they do exist!  (Just like the M&M Guys...)


What 31 became The Behavior Master?


It's completely possible! My process has been tested and perfected by 100's of families. I guarantee it will work for yours too!


I's not like kids come with an instruction manual!

It's all on you.  

As a single mom the responsibility falls on you. There is no one to tag team with, no one to stand behind you and say, "Listen to your mother", and no one to provide a second opinion.

But...what if you DID HAVE an instruction manual? 

Imagine you get help around the house without begging.

Imagine your kids come home from school or daycare, hang up their coats, unpack their bookbags, and start their homework...all on their own... (even the teenagers!)

Imagine you deliver discipline that STICKS!

And are able to understand exactly how to analyze and address the next behavior curve ball your child tries to toss your way...('cause you KNOW it's coming.)

It's all absolutely possible!

I will show you how to create this new world in just 31 days.

Welcome to....

This is the only course out there for single a single mom!

I know you are tired of feeling frustrated, spending your time in a tug-of-war with your kids, trying to get them to cooperate with rules, chores, responsibilities, and siblings.

I know you'd rather spend your time nurturing your babies, having fun, and teaching them all the important lessons they need in order to be ready for adulthood.


Give me 31 days...
 And I will teach you how to Create Cooperative Kids. 
(That's just 1 month!)


And let's get real. One month of counseling, is just 2 sessions tops! Further, not much work happens in those 2 getting-to-know-you-sessions. 

You do NOT have that kind of time. 

You need help, and you need it now!

In Create Cooperative Kids, you will learn a new piece of information that you will be able to implement right away! 


"Sara made it so easy to see how I was reinforcing the exact behavior I did NOT want to see, and how just a few changes on my part made all the difference. It's now easy for me to adjust my style as my kids grow...and try to get away with new things!"

Abby S.

"Sara has given me the effective tools to manage the behavior of my kids and these ideas are easy to put into action. Starting with the first steps you can see results."

Maria T.

"Sara Sherman is an incredible, successful, insightful woman who taught me that while it is important to be patient with my child, it is also extremely important to be stern and direct. She has taught me the importance of creating a schedule for my toddler to follow, bedtimes, playtime, limited tv, and learning time.

I am grateful for the structure she has taught me about the proper way to discipline my toddler efficiently, and I love the balance it has created in our life."

Mariellen B.

Until now only my private clients had the benefit of this life-changing information.

But because it is my mission to empower all single moms to live a powerful kickass life and rule their world, I created this self-paced online program to reach even more single moms with this life-changing and family revolutionizing information. 

I applied my years of executive management experience to create a highly efficient, highly effective program that serves up the exact solution to your family's specific situation. There is no cookie-cutter outcome here!

Here's what you get:
  • Online training portal with everything you need in one place
  • 24/7 Access - phone, pad, computer...anytime, day or night
  • 1 bite-sized lesson each day for easy consumption
  • Daily email reminders telling you your next lesson is ready and waiting
  • Worksheets, Tools, Formulas, and Checklists so you quickly become The Behavior Master
  • Done for you video or audio training format (your choice)
  • Bonus - Private Facebook support group
  • Mega Bonus - My personal review of your work! 

It's so Hard!

You will:

Learn why it can be so very difficult to create cooperative kids.

Uncover your own discipline baggage and discover how that baggage gets in your way.

Understand the impact of your child’s age on the behavior you see.

Nuts & Bolts

You will:

Master all the pieces and parts of “behavior”.

Unlock the secrets of your child’s challenging behaviors and learn what your kids are telling you.

Quickly spot the tricks your kids use to get around you, and address them head on.


Make it Stick

You will:

Establish routines and clear expectations so that it is easy for your kids to cooperate.

Develop a solid plan to address your child’s most challenging behaviors.

Use rewards and consequences to turn your family into a supportive team.

Stay on Track

You will:

Learn how to hang tough when the backlash comes. (And it will.)

Rebound quickly when you or the kids start to slip.

Smoothly adapt and adjust as your kids grow, and you all experience new challenges.

Which path will you take to Create Cooperative Kids?



Quickly get to the root of your child's most pressing behavior challenges and develop the skills you need to stay one step ahead, no matter what your child throws at you. 

  • Online training portal
  • Bite-sized lessons each day
  • Daily email reminders
  • Worksheets, Tools, Formulas, And Checklists 
  • Done for you video or audio training
  • Lifetime 24/7 access


Private Facebook Group

Mega Bonus:

Review of 3 critical assignments






Maximize your success with a little one on one support to keep emotions at bay and ensure you are evaluating your child's challenges with an objective eye.

  • 3 Private Calls (FREE Bonus 'Get to Know You' call)
  • Online training portal
  • Bite-sized lessons each day
  • Daily email reminders
  • Worksheets, Tools, Formulas, And Checklists 
  • Done for you video or audio training
  • Lifetime 24/7 access


Private Facebook Group

Mega Bonus:

Review of 3 critical assignments



1 ON 1


(payment options available)

Reach peace, harmony, and cooperation with ease as every step of this program is completely and fully customized to meet your family's specific needs. 

  • Fully personalized to your family's needs
  • 9 Private Calls (FREE Bonus 'Get to Know You' call)
  • 100% Review of all Work
  • Online traning portal
  • Bite-sized lessons each day
  • Daily email reminders
  • Worksheets, Tools, Formulas, And Checklists 
  • Done for you video or audio training
  • Lifetime 24/7 access

Bonus: Private Facebook Group


There is simply no reason to wait another minute to begin to create cooperative kids, and the family life that you all crave. A life of peace, love, and cooperation!

I am so confident that this program will have a profound impact on your family life that if you do the work and don't experience success...I will refund all your moola. 

Who's Sara?

As a mother of 3, Sara Sherman has been single momming for over 25 years. During that time she finished her Bachelor's degree, earned a Master's degree (suma cum laude) while working full-time...and then she wrote The Single Mom's Guide to Getting a Degree to help other single moms achieve their dreams too.

Sara built a big career, spent countless hours volunteering in her community, and raised 3 inspirational and successful children. 

And...she's a behavior expert! Sara has worked with top behaviorists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, to provide support to 100's of families, and individuals with challenging behavioral needs for almost 30 years!

Sara leveraged her executive management skills, and her knack for making the complex simple to develop repeatable systems, based on her own priorities for her family, and she saw incredible transformation with each new system. Her kids grew more independent and more responsible, her house began to run like a well-oiled machine, and she had more time for her personal goals, and to just hang out and enjoy her kids.

Sara now offers this same life-changing information to other single moms through her in-demand programs and 1:1 coaching.


"The ideal of behavioralism is to eliminate coersion. To apply controls by changing the environment in such a way as to reinforce the kind of behavior that benefits everyone."

B.F. Skinner


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